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  • Low yields
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • High nutrient costs
  • Inconsistent results


  • Hourly consultation
  • Nutrient solution design
  • Growing setup optimization
  • Custom crop monitoring automation

HydroBuddy and Blog

Through my blog I also share my insights and experience in hydroponic culture. From how to properly use and calibrate sensors to the peer reviewed effects of nutrient additives I strive to make this blog a reliable source of high quality practical information for both the commercial hydroponic grower and the enthusiast alike. This blog has been ranked as one of the top 50 hydroponic blogs on the internet by feedspot.

Welcome to my site!

I provide nutrient related consultation services for the hydroponic industry. My name is Dr. Daniel Fernandez and I have worked as a consultant for the past 5 years in the hydroponic industry. I have a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a masters and Ph.D. in nanoscience and nanotechnology. With my experience in nutrient solution chemistry and management I hope to help you take your crops to the next level.

Our services

I provide different types of services to suite your particular needs.

I understand that not everyone needs the same type of assistance and I have therefore designed three specific type of services depending on your needs .

  • An hourly consultation service where you can ask any questions and get answers to help you solve problems (150 USD/hour).
  • A service for the formulation of a specific hydroponic nutrient recipe for your particular needs coupled with guidance in preparing this formulation.
  • An on-going consultation service where you will have me available to answer questions and help guide you through your nutrient needs as your crop or hydroponic project progresses.

Hydrobuddy - Open source software for Nutrient Formulations

This site hosts HydroBuddy – a software I programmed – which is the most popularly used open source calculator for the formulation of hydroponic nutrient solutions and fertilizers. This software has been helping hobby and commercial growers prepare their own fertilizer formulations from 2011 with more than 10 thousands downloads in its lifetime. There are also many peer reviewed academic publications that have used hydrobuddy. Feel free to use or modify this software for your nutrient preparation needs. It’s free and OpenSource! Get the software here.

Latest blog posts

Nutrient problems and foliar sprays

Nutrient related issues are common in hydroponic crops. They can happen due to a large variety of issues, including pH drifting, EC drifting, lack of proper nutrient ratios, humidity issues, temperature issues and root damage. The fact that an issue is of a nutritional nature will be evident within a leaf tissue analysis, but its […]

Five things to consider when trying to copy commercial hydroponic nutrients

There are hundreds of different formulated hydroponic fertilizers out there and most of them are very expensive. Due to these very high costs, growers will often want to copy a set of hydroponic products they are very familiar with or a set of products that other growers – ideally growing under similar conditions – have […]

Five things you can learn from leaf tissue analysis

Lab results are incredibly useful in hydroponics, as they give us a quantitative view of what’s going on within our crops. From the potential array of analysis that can be carried out, few give us as much information as leaf tissue analysis. Despite this fact, few growers ever routinely carry out this analysis, as it’s […]

What is the ideal amount of media per plant in hydroponics?

When designing a hydroponic crop, the amount of media is a crucial variable to consider as it will determine a lot of the capital costs involved as well as play a key role in determining how irrigation is setup and how big the plants can get. However, how can we figure out what the ideal […]

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