Monthly Archives: September 2010

Understanding Reagent Purity and Its Importance in Hydroponics

When making hydroponic nutrient solutions one of the most important concepts we need to understand is "reagent purity" and how this affects the overall quality and composition of our hydroponic nutrient solutions. People who have not been academically trained in science usually do not have a very good understanding of this concept and its implications…
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HydroBuddy’s Online Hydroponic Formulation Database

There are certainly thousands of different ways in which a hydroponic nutrient solution can be prepared. You can make a solution schedule to closely follow the environmental and growing conditions of a certain crop - like tomatoes - or you can simply make up a generic formulation to use within all your hydroponic plants. Besides…
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Hydroponic Nutrient Availability : What “Pushing Out an Element” Really Means

Plants need a very large variety of elements in order to grow successfully. In hydroponic crops we intend to provide all these elements in their different forms dissolved within our nutrient solutions. However the mechanisms by which plants absorb these elements is complex and there are many different factors that determine which elements are absorbed…
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