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Managing a Run To Waste (RTW) hydroponic crop from a nutritional perspective

Today it's very common to create hydroponic crops using techniques where nutrient solution is not recycled. This type of crop, commonly called drain-to-waste (DTW) or run-to-waste (RTW) offers the advantage of having a very cheap setup - since no recirculation is used - with the big disadvantage that nutrient control becomes harder as there is…
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Using coco coir in hydroponics

Side by side with peat moss, coco coir is one of the most commonly used media in hydroponic culture. Its excellent root propagation and aeration properties, coupled with its adequate water retention, make it an ideal media for hydroponic culture. Nonetheless there are several issues that can arise when using coco coir, particularly due to…
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Using Peat Moss in Hydroponic Culture

There are several different types of media available for hydroponic culture and from these peat moss is one of the most popular due to its low cost and high availability in some countries. This media is made up of decaying mosses and is used mainly in drop irrigation systems of both a recirculating and non-recirculating…
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