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A new conductivity model in HydroBuddy

On my previous post you can read about how I ran experiments to develop a conductivity model using empirical data in order to improve our ability to predict EC values…

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Building a model to predict EC in hydroponic nutrient solutions

Electrical conductivity (EC) is one of the most useful parameters in the practical preparation of hydroponic nutrient solutions. This is because knowing the expected conductivity of a nutrient solution can…

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Why TDS is NOT equal to Total Dissolved Solids in hydroponics

Electrical conductivity is a very commonly used measurement in hydroponics, yet a very poorly understood one. I have written several posts about conductivity in the past (1,2,3) and today I…

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Nutrient solution conductivity estimates in Hydrobuddy

People who use Hydrobuddy can be confused by its conductivity estimates, especially because its values can often mismatch the readings of conductivity meters in real life. This confusion can stem…

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Comparing the conductivity of two different solutions

Conductivity is perhaps the most misunderstood and erroneously used measurement in hydroponic culture. This has a lot to do with conductivity also being called a “totally dissolved solid” (TDS) measurement…

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