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Hardware for building a wifi-connected DIY monitoring/control system for a hydroponic crop

Success in hydroponic systems can be increased by having adequate control over a wide array of different variables. Having automated monitoring and control will mean faster reaction times and provide…

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Building a DIY control infrastructure for a hydroponic crop: Part one

Controlling an entire hydroponic crop using electronics is not a trivial task. This includes everything from the automated control of things like relative humidity and ambient temperature, to other variables,…

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The best cheap sensor setup for relative humidity in hydroponic automation projects

I have written in the past about humidity in hydroponics, especially how accurately measuring humidity is hard due to problems with the sensors. In my experience during the past 5…

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Creating a robust pH/EC monitor for hydroponics using Atlas probes and an Arduino

A few months ago I talked about how you could build a simple sensor station for your hydroponic projects using an arduino (see here). However this small project used the…

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A simple Arduino based sensor monitoring platform for Hydroponics

Last time I posted about automation I talked about how I use an Arduino to automate the monitoring and management of my home hydroponic system. Today I want to talk…

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Automating a hydroponic system: Sensors and monitoring

Hydroponic systems benefit greatly from gathering more information as this gives the grower the ability to better diagnose problems and better understand the evolution of their hydroponic crops. Usually growers…

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