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Five common mistakes people make when formulating hydroponic nutrients

It is not very difficult to create a basic DIY hydroponic formulation; the raw salts are available at a very low cost, and the target concentrations for the different nutrients…

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Preparing your own low cost A+B generic hydroponic nutrients at a small scale from raw salts

In a recent post about the cost of custom hydroponic nutrients, I talked about the cost of preparing nutrients equivalent to those of a commonly used brand (general hydroponics Flora…

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Can you use regular soil fertilizers in hydroponics?

If you have just started your journey into hydroponics you’re probably wondering why you need to spend your money in hydroponic specific nutrients when there are so many cheaply available…

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How to prepare a low cost chelated micronutrient solution

Micronutrients constitute only a small portion of a plant’s nutritional requirements but are still vital to growth and development. They are mainly comprised of heavy metals (Fe, Zn, Mn, Cu,…

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DIY Warm white LED lamp PAR measurements, not so exciting after all!

If you read my last few posts about DIY LED lamps built using 150W warm white LED cobs (which do not require an independent driver) you might have been excited…

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Cheap DIY high power LED grow lights: Introducing the Zip-tie lamp

Make sure you also read this post, where I studied the PAR of these lamps and realized they are not as good as I thought! Several months ago I wrote…

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Building your own DIY high power LED lamp: Part One

It is no mystery that LED technology has evolved greatly during the past several years. We are now up to the point where anyone can buy LED lamps to replace…

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