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FAQ – controlling, adjusting and knowing pH in Hydroponic Gardening

Even though there has been great effort by many people to show hydroponic growing as something that can be done by anyone with little knowledge, it has come to my attention that many novice and commercial gardeners fail because of their inability to properly interpret the chemical phenomena around them. One of the variables that…
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FAQ – Electrical Conductivity (EC) in Hydroponics

Amongst one of the few properties that hydroponic growers use to control their nutrient solutions is electrical conductivity (EC). The main problem with the measurement of the EC, is that few growers really understand it's meaning and more often than not, grossly overestimate the amount of information it can give them. Therefore, I decided to…
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FAQ – Growing media in hydroponics

In this section I will answer some of the questions that I have already answered in mails that have been sent to me, and that I believe will be helpful to most of the people interested in developing hydroponic crops. This FAQ covers the essential part about the hydroponic growing media and some advice based…
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