Preparing a Hydroponic Nutrient Solution

Every hydroponic grower should know how to prepare his or her own solution in order to save money and improve crop results. Preparing a nutrient solution is an exact science involving some basic chemical knowledge that is in fact, not so hard to do. One of the main problems in preparing hydroponics solutions (besides knowing the formulation) is knowing how much to weight of each available nutrient salt in order to achieve the desired concentrations.

In order to solve this problem, you can use the hydroponic nutrient calculator I created called Hydroponic Buddy. The hydroponic calculator is located here.

It is fairly easy to use, the calculator includes links to tutorials you can find within this blog which will tell you how to do many things, from the calculation of simple formulations to the creation of A+B+C concentrated solutions, the copying of commercial nutrients, etc.

And that’s it ! Press the calculate button and you’ll be shown the final concentration results coupled with the amount of grams you should weight of each salt in order to obtain the concentration results you desire. Now you just need to go to your local supplier and buy each one of the salts in order to prepare your hydroponic solution. This let’s you experiment with different nutrient concentrations as well as with recommended and optimum nutrient concentrations for different plant species.


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