Monthly Archives: August 2017

Five important things to consider when doing foliar spraying

Foliar spraying is a true and tested way to increase yields and prevent issues in plant culture. Both soil and hydroponic growers have used foliar fertilizer applications to increase yields and prevent problems due to nutrient deficiencies during the past 50 years. However there is a lot of mystery and confusion surrounding foliar fertilizer applications,…
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Comparing the conductivity of two different solutions

Conductivity is perhaps the most misunderstood and erroneously used measurement in hydroponic culture. This has a lot to do with conductivity also being called a "totally dissolved solid" (TDS) measurement and the conductivity scale being expressed in "ppm" units, concentration units which only cause confusion in this area. Today I want to talk about an…
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Controlling aphids in a hydroponic crop. Part 1.

Without a doubt aphids are one of the most common pests affecting crops worldwide. There are both root and leaf aphids, the former which generally live only around plant roots - producing winged offspring only to infest new plants - while the later live generally in plant stems, leaves and - when infestations are bad…
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