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Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions for Lettuce

Most hobby and some commercial hydroponic growers often get their nutrient solutions from stores that sell "generic" hydroponic nutrients. In some cases, this standard solutions are "compensated" with the aid of some additional help coming from additive solutions that are formulated to add certain qualities that the original standard solution is missing.Well, the sad thing…
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Hydrogen Peroxide in Germination

As I published earlier, the use of hydrogen peroxide is extensively known in hydroponic cultivation as a disinfectant. However, this little molecule has far more uses and some of them also pertain to plant grow. For example, as it was discussed in the fourth International Symposium on Seed, Transplant and Stand Establishment of Horticultural Crops;…
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Using Hydrogen Peroxide in Hydroponic Crops

As we all know, hydroponic growers face the challenge of maintaining pure and innocuous solutions that should be free of any type of bacteria, algae or any other microorganism. The growth of any of these organisms inside the nutrient solution carries with it the imminent possibility of plant disease as well as an increased risk…
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